Fasting & MS: Could Going Without Food Potentially Treat This Disease?

New and ongoing research has shown a link between the microbiome and the body's response to fasting on the health and repair of nerve cells. In this episode I report on the latest research on fasting and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a common autoimmune neurodegenerative disease. Are we standing on the verge of new nutritional interventions for neurological disorders? Tune in to hear what two leading researchers, Dr. Valter Longo and Dr. Jeremy Chataway, think is going on and the future directions of their research

Show Notes

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2014 Simvastatin Phase II Trial:

2016 Fasting Mimicking Diet and MS Trial (Mice):

The DASH Diet and Blood Pressure:

Brain Health – Time Matters in MS:

Brain Health – A Guide for People with MS:

Microbiome and Myelination:

Microbiome and MS: