Technically, this is the Justice League but, you get me?

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Hi All, 

Thanks so much for coming in on this half-idea. Basically, I'm motivated by the increasing number of young women (18-25) that I am seeing in clinic who:

  • Hate their bodies
  • Hate themselves
  • Are so used to feeling like that that it has never occurred to them to question or challenge these thoughts, ideas, or social expectations.

They sit in front of me telling me how ugly they feel and I just think, 'Not only are you perfect but if you weren't being tormented by this bullshit you could be putting your energy in to kicking butt.' It's a massive waste of energy and potential and it's heartbreaking. 

I don't really know what is possible given the size of the challenge, but I figure I could just complain about it or I could try to do something about it. 

My initial thoughts are that we could put together a series/season of talks. One a week for 4-6 weeks, with everyone taking turns to host on their topic. So you are only committed to do one in a two month period. Attendees could sign up for a the whole 'course' (because it's such a small group size).

Very much off the top of my head - something like:


[I haven't heard from Megan yet. I think she's conferencing?]

This is based very much on what I think your specialties are; I could be way off and obviously say if there's something else you would want to lead on. 

It might go nowhere, it could launch a national schools programme (dream big, right!). Even if we do just one rotation we could start an important conversation. 

Anyway...over to you. Comments are open.